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Men with trucks are one of the most essential groups in fulfilling our mission to feed food-insecure children.

Trips to Roanoke to pick up orders from Feeding SW Va. and BJs Wholesale happen monthly. 

Packed bags are delivered weekly to the elementary schools; once a month to the middle school. 

FFK Covid Packers2.JPG
FFK Covid Packers.JPG

Until recently, due to COVID, all volunteers were masked and gloved.

For the 2021-2022 school year September to May we packed over 12,000 bags for food-insecure children in the Bedford schools.

FFK Packers.JPG
FFK Packers2.JPG

Volunteers pack one or two items in every bag, then pass it to the next person in order to expedite packing 350 bags every Thursday morning for the school year.

Once the bags are packed they are stapled closed to make it easier for the children to carry.

bread for LCM.JPG

Thanks to Lake Christian Ministries, we are able to add bread to the weekend bags for the elementary students

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