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Who Packs?

There are no paid employees; it’s all done by volunteers!

Packing is done every Thursday morning by volunteers on a scheduled rotation. 


A volunteer purchasing agent orders the food monthly in bulk from the BJs in Roanoke and Feeding Southwest VA. Volunteer transporters pickup food orders from BJs and FSVa and deliver to the warehouse in Moneta. 


Other volunteers manage inventory, stock supplies, and deliver the bags to the schools each week for distribution to the children.

What's in a Bag?

A typical bag’s contents include items for breakfast, lunch or dinner and snacks (six meals). Recently, bread products from a local food bank –Lake Christian Ministries -have been added. Peanut butter is donated by church/civic groups. 

How Much Does it Cost per Bag?

Committed to keeping costs at a minimum, food is purchased in bulk, each bag costing approximately $10
(Per child per month estimate =$50; per child per 9-month year approximately $400.) 

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