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Thanks to those who came out for our three summer breakfast fundraisers. Thanks also to our volunteeers and to Bethlehem UMC for hosting the events. 

Pictured at right are volunteers from Emmaus UMC who packed food bags on March 7,2019


Thanks to all of the volunteers that packed bags in April: Main St. UMC, Quaker Baptist Church, and Bethlehem UMC

Thanks also to volunteers from Bethlehem UMC for packing food bags on February 28,2019. We couldn't do it with out our volunteers

Did you know that our volunteers have packed 5,763 food bags for food insecure children at our area schools from September 18, 2018 to December 18,2018?


Pictured at the left are volunteers from Flint Hill Baptist Church who packed 388 bags February 21. 

Volunteers from Quaker Baptist Church packed bags on February 14.  

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Pictured at the left are volunteers from Patmos UMC who helped pack on October 10. Many thanks to them and to all our volunteers!!!